Wiang Kum Kam tour

Wiang Kum Kam & Ban Tawai Wood Carving village

(9.00 - 12.00 am, or 02.00 - 05.00 pm, minimum 2 persons)

Wiang Kum Kam

A short distance south of Chiang Mai stands Wiang Kum Kam, an ancient site that was inhabited long before it became King Mengrai’s capital in 1287-1290. Frequent flooding caused King Mengrai to move his capital to Chiang Mai six years later, but the settlement remained important throughout the Lanna period until flooding forced its abandonment in the 17th or 18th centuries. Restored as a historical park in the 1980’s, the rural setting affords tranquil touring of its several fine ruins.

We follow the river south to the woodcarving village of Ban Tawai. Combining craftsmanship and experience, Ban Tawai’s artisans put body, spirit and soul into their work, creating a profusion of delicately carved forms fit to adorn any home.